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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

happy post!

these are the things that have been making me happy lately...
(going clockwise)1. wearing fabric headband that i made
2.discovering healthy and delicious local restuarant
3. my child watching Korean cartoons and learning
4. glitter nail polish
1. shopping at Wholefoods, and making meals out of fresh ingredients.
2. have red matching shoes with Sophia. i have a weird obsession with red shoes.
3. writing in my "Quotable Kid" journal every night of Sophia's funny sayings.
4. eating Korean sushi (kimbap) leftover in the morning covered in fried eggs.


  1. i'm dying over the matching mommy and me sandals. so adorable!!!

  2. thanks liz! i'm kind of crazy about them too : )

  3. Love Whole Foods. These are happy things :)

    Great blog!

  4. love the nail polish! i have katy perry's!



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