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Monday, May 23, 2011

Birthday party [a sneak peek]

We celebrated Sophia's 2nd birthday this weekend. Can't believe my little love bug will be 2 years old tomorrow! More pictures to come soon.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

bargain buy

What's the difference between the 2 shoes? A great price! I went on the hunt for some neutral pumps the other day. I saw these gorgeous Enzo Angiolini heels at Nordstroms (2nd image)...and had my heart set that I was going home with them. BUT...they failed to have my size...and they failed to have it any other stores close by. Having them mailed to me is not an option because I needed to wear them less than 24 hrs of purchase. So, I left the store and went to a dozen more stores to find nothing. I made a turn back to Nordstrom to head home and saw a little store next to it called "Vision Shoes." I've never been inside before and as I was perusing the window I saw a similar shoe (image 1)! 10 minutes later.. and you know how the story goes.

Fact- Enzo Angiolini 'Martini' shoe $89.95
Vision Shoe version about $25.99

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Birthday invite

Sophia's 2nd birthday invitations are officially all sent out! Now, onto planning the details.

I think invitations are seriously one of the most important things about a party. It is the first announcement telling people "hey, i'm having a party!" and it also gives people a peek into what the party will be like when they arrive.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Strawberry Margarita Jell-O Shots

image via

i totally want to make this. or at least eat them today. aren't the so adorable?!

PS: who else is feeling tired and sluggish today?

Monday, May 9, 2011

mother's day {outfit}

I never post self pics of just me...I guess I feel silly. But, I'm going to change that a bit...get all my sillies out and share with you all some of my outfits occasionally. Here was me yesterday on Mother's day.

I've been getting really lucky at the Anthropologie sale rack lately! This is one of the dresses I scored...but the other one I got is even better! Another mom and I were both in love with it, but she hesitantly let me try it on due to the size. I didn't think it would fit me, a size 0!?! But surprisingly it did and I walked away as a happy camper.

PS: Do the shoes look familiar? : )

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Happy Mothers Day {Skirball Center}

We went to the Skirball center the other day to see the Noah's Arc museum. Sophia had so much fun playing inside the museum, but hands down her favorite part was the misty (misty, is an understatement) rainbow in the garden outside. It was a hot day...so we just jumped right in. We got soaked and had a blast. My favorite part was hearing her squeal with delight as she was getting drenched.

Happy Mother's Day to all the beautiful women out there, who have fostered, loved, and raised a child. Motherhood has been one of the greatest joys in my life. My heart feels like it's going to overflow with love everyday as I love my dear Sophia. Life is such a gift.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Mom Style #2 {Shoes}

Shoes are one of the most important essentials for a woman..(ahem, i mean mother). These beauties are all from Loeffler Randall collection and picked as favorites from a pretty hip mama Joanna Goddard, from A cup of Jo.

I am absolutely swooning over the neutral knot sandal and the flat boot in tobacco. They are just perfect for running around chasing a toddler in and still look quite amazing doing it.

image via

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

falling in love with YOU {Sophia}

I am cherishing every moment with my angel girl. Sophia has been surprising us lately with how much she knows. Yesterday, we were putting her to bed and I was just rocking her and singing "Can't help falling in love with you"...and as I got to the part "falling in love with..." she said, "YOU!" Mike and I chuckled and couldn't believe she knew the lyrics. It was so sweet.

Tonight, as I was putting her to sleep while rocking away in the chair...I watched the sunset from her bedroom window on this beautiful warm night and said a prayer of love and thanksgiving and she drifted off to sleep. I love being a mom! Life isn't complete until you experience the incredible bliss of motherhood.

PS: we went swimming today! The pictures were of her lounging by the pool. She absolutely loved it!

Mommy Style

In honor of Mother's Day just a couple of days, I thought I'd dedicate this whole week to mommy essentials for style. As a mom, you don't have much time to look stylish [i said 'much time' not 'NO time'] But, becoming a mommy myself I realize that mom's can have a more stylish and effortless look to them with just a few items and still look fabulous.

Therefore, here is item #1: SUNGLASSES.

Sunglasses offers a lot more when you are a mom. Of course eye protection is the first reason we wear them, fashion number two, but thirdly we need them just cover up those dark circles/bags under our eyes from the lack of sleep. Even our minimal make-up look good when we have a nice pair of shades on. I vow on my shades and have them on as soon as my tippy toes hit the concrete jungle outside everyday.

PS: Aren't these Alexander McQueen shades just perfect and regal for any day? [Yes, i'm still on the royal high]