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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

the calm before the storm

This past weekend was so calm and perfect. We had baskets of laundry to do and some cleaning, but we ignored it all to be here.

Its amazing there are only 4 more days until Christmas! This is by far the fastest Advent...but i think one of the most fruitful advents in the littlest ways. I have almost daily gone through the story of the birth of Our Lord with Sophia (as a bedtime story), and this makes me meditate on the beauty of the Holy Family every night. Sophia and I also attended our first posada for the first time last Friday too. We got to reenact the scene of the Holy Family knocking at the door asking for a place to stay on Christmas eve. It was moving to be pregnant and asking for a place to give birth and no one allowing us in. Needless to say, I am ready for the birth... the birth of Baby Jesus that is (not me).

As for myself... i am far from ready to give birth. In fact, I am still contemplating how this is all going to go down. I mean, I know how its going to happen... but trying to plan without planning too much, you know?

Anyways, I don't see myself having time for another entry before Christmas...so MERRIEST of CHRISTMAS to you all dear friends.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

23 weeks

here's me...at 23 weeks with my girls!
i am so excited knowing i have 17 more weeks to go (hopefully less and not more). we had another positive doctors visit this past week, so i treated baby girl to a nice strawberry milkshake and some fried chicken and waffles. she's been so busy on the move in my belly and i love it so much! i'm not used to doing weekly belly shots... but if i remember i think i'm going to try to take them weekly from now on.

Dear Baby Girl,

You are my little Hope and Light. I dream of you everyday and wonder what kind of person you are. I wonder what kind of personality you have and how amazing of a person you will be in this world. I just cannot wait to see your face and shed tears of joy. You love to move around a lot, but you have your days. Some days, i seriously think you sleep 12 hours..and other days you have a dance party all day long in my belly. I love the party days the best. I anticipate your birth so much. Although, umma is a little unprepared right now and not sure how your delivery will go.. i just can't wait to hold you at the end of the tunnel. You are Light.

Your appa thinks you are going to be the most chill baby in the world and just the best (like your sister). Your big sister talks about holding you, changing your diaper, bathing you, and rocking you to sleep everyday (although she will only be 2 still when you are born). She tells me everyday that she wants to hold you. She does poke at you a lot and wonders why you aren't here yet.

i love you so much,

Friday, December 9, 2011

Flashback Friday

This was us last year on this same exact weekend.
We went on our 1st official date since Sophia was born! And...shamefully to say she was 18 months old. I know... we got so busy and caught up with being day to day parents that we never snuck away for the evening alone. Although, (totally guilty again), this was also my husband's Christmas party for work, so it was kind of like a mandatory "date night." I were so nervous and anxious, but so giddy and excited to get dressed up and to leave for a party with my husband. I still remember the feeling walking down the hotel lobby.

Not only that.. but it was exactly a year ago (the day after this picture) that I officially weaned my daughter from breastfeeding. It was such a bittersweet moment. I felt ready to wean her, yet the bond and love of nursing for those 18 months made me want to cry at the thought of being officially done and graduating from this most beautiful stage. BUT, it happened...and it happened so naturally. We were at church and she was tugging at my shirt and begging for me to nurse her. It was the feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe and I was looking at the statue of Our Lady at church and praying in despair. I felt torn inside to say "no" to my baby. So, I prayed that Our Lady of Guadalupe will help me because I am not strong enough for this alone. So... i left it up to faith and nursed my child. This was the VERY LAST time she ever asked me to nurse her again. I couldn't believe it.. we were done.

Coincidentally, we had a date night planned this evening... but it kind of fell through. So, we're going to have another fun evening planned.. just the 4 of us..husband, Sophia, myself and the little one kicking in the womb.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

St. Nicholas

The other day we celebrated the feast of St. Nicholas. Normally, there are small traditions done on this feast day, such as the child waking up that morning to a piece of candy in their shoe. We decided to create our own family tradition by giving our child her Christmas gift on that day (which was a play kitchen). I have reminded her several times that Christmas is approaching and it is the birthday of Jesus. She knows that and is pretty excited. I want the focus of Christmas morning and day to be about the birth of Our Lord...and what she will give to Him. What we will all give to Him.

Needless to say, I don't think she's disappointed that her gift came a little earlier this year. I figured...she will be opening enough gifts as is from grandparents, aunts, uncles and friends later Christmas day. But for our family, Christmas morning will be about waking up and celebrating the birth of a new babe.

Monday, December 5, 2011

our Christmas card

i've been hit hard...with a spurt of the nesting stage these past week 2 weeks. i've been driving my husband mad probably with having to clean out every nook and cranny of our home here..and wanting to get everything ready for CHRISTmas. this includes...home decorating, buying gifts ahead of time, baking, and finishing up our Christmas cards to be sent out. So...here it is, our Christmas card photo for this year: i just realized...i'm probably nesting for the most important birth of all..the birth of Our Lord. i couldn't understand why i was nesting so early (because with my 1st pregnancy, i didn't feel this way until the very end)... but i'm taking advantage of my nutty behavior because i'm sure its to go away soon.

in the meantime... i don't want to lose focus on what is most important here. afterall, Christmas isn't about all the material gifts, or the cookie baking, or the pretty lit Christmas tree... but it is something so intimate and sacred..the birthday of a tiny babe that will change the world. i have been reminding my little Sophia around here that Christmas is JESUS' birthday...and we will be having a BIG BIRTHDAY party for Him here..with cake, of course : )

what are some Christmas traditions you do to celebrate the birthday of Our Lord?

ps: our picture was taken by my bff..she took it for us on Thanksgiving day this year. : )

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Happy Post!

December, I welcome you with a joy-filled heart! This is one of my favorite months... i play Christmas music non-stop and find excuses to turn on extra pretty lights around the house..just because. : ) Here are a few things that have been making me happy around here..
Our Christmas tree is up! Sophia actually helped us decorate the tree this year. Although we do have several of the ornaments just on the lower half of the tree (kind of awkward, yes) and she rearranges them daily... it makes me happy. So i let her.
I really enjoyed Thanksgiving dinner this year, and I enjoyed thanksgiving leftovers even more. My baby bump likes it a lot. : )
This baby craves coconut water and flesh! My husband was kind enough to hack into this one, put three straws..so all 3 (ahem 4) of us can enjoy it together. We couldn't stop cracking up while drinking it.
Lunch dates with the cutest kiddo.
Laminate floors! I have dreamed about getting our nasty carpet removed forever..and my dream came true! My husband installed all the flooring himself. He is so manly. I love him. :) PS: Just don't mind the mess in the background.

What makes you happy lately?