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Monday, July 23, 2012

a birth story {Sophia + Zaylee}- PART 2

Sophia holding Zaylee for the first time. 

My body was pushing the baby out on its own. The nurses were telling me to get onto the bed, but I couldn't. I was pushing the baby out. They insisted that I needed to get on so that they can check me. I was thinking in my mind "why do you need to check me, the baby is coming out now?!" Well, somehow they managed to get me on the bed and saw that the baby's head was crowning. The nurses (4 of them) got together and told me I needed to push the baby out now. With one or maybe 2 pushes (i can't remember), Zaylee's head was out. The nurses said, "look mom, your baby is here...go ahead and delivery the rest of your baby." I looked down and couldn't believe it (she was finally here!) and I grabbed my baby from her armpits and pulled her onto my belly.  She was so calm and so beautiful. She opened her eyes and looked at me and I couldn't believe how beautiful she was. She just layed there completely relaxed and rested. We rested together until her cord stop pulsing and Mike then got to cut the cord. I was then able to pull her closer up to my breast (her cord was so short, so she layed on my stomach until this moment). Zaylee was born at 3:45 PM (an hour after my water broke at home)with the help of the most supportive nurses (the doctor never made it). They followed my birth plan and gave me exactly what I asked for even though things happened so quickly. 

We saw a documentary during one of our hypnobabies class about how babies can self latch onto the mother's breast after birth. The babies will start bobbing their head and wiggling their body over to find the nipple. I knew that I definitely wanted to do this with my next baby. So after a few minutes, the most incredible thing happened, Zaylee started to lift her head and wiggle her body over to my nipple and self latched! I was floored by how special this moment was. The art of womanhood was complete.  

Our first picture as a family of 4

I was very pleased with using hypnobabies as a relaxation technique in delivering my baby. The nurses told me when I was done that they didn't think I was that further along by how "calm" I looked. They told us that they have seen the most success in natural childbirth with hypnobabies moms. In hypnobabies, they use the same procedure that they use in patients that cannot take medical anesthesia for major surgeries. I also love that it really involves the help of the spouse in getting through labor. Once again, I did labor a lot through just listening to my hypnobaby CD's while my husband was filling out paper work at the hospital and answering questions.. but he was at my side through it all scripting hypnosis to me and his voice helped me the most. 

PS: I also want to add that in the moment when I somewhat lost it in the car ride over to the hospital, I felt the prayers of all of my friends and family and it is what really helped me get through it. It was really through the grace of the prayers that had me persevering.      

a birth story {Sophia + Zaylee}- Part 1

I've held onto this draft post for a month now...and now feel ready to share...

I am finally getting around to writing Zaylee's birth story. She is now 10.5 weeks  3.5 months old, but her birth story is something I have repetitively thought about in my head over and over again as well as retold to many family and friends in these past 2 3 months. Now I am sharing with the world on this little space of mine and I hope you all take the good from it and fall more deeply in love with the natural process and beauty of childbirth. (It is secretly a deep passion of mine to share with woman worldwide the beauty of bringing babies into the world.)  

Before, I go into the actual birth story let me tell you what kind of birth I had dreamed about before having my own and how I prepared for this all to happen. When I was pregnant with Sophia I dreamed about having a natural childbirth, probably in the country of Tennessee at Ina May Gaskin's 'The Farm'. I read and reread "Ina May's Guide to Childbirth" probably a gazillion times (i think the best book out there for natural childbirth). We hired a doula to be with us and I sat on my birth ball and walked and walked to get myself into labor each night. But, once labor started...things went fast, and long story short...I got an epidural (it was strongly suggested to me by my doula), which lead to pitocin, then to a episiotomy, to my baby being vacuumed out. There were complications due to a rough nurse who ended having me lose too much blood and they needed to get Sophia out asap. My doctor did allow me to pull the rest of Sophia's body out once her head came out, but I felt like I didn't finish my labor and fully experience pushing my baby out after I got about 7 cm's dialated on my own. I felt deprived, exhausted, very medicated and was very upset with the nurse who put me in an emergent situation. 

When I got pregnant with Zaylee...the painful memories of all of that came back and I was so anxious! I didn't want to go through it again and was just full of fear of it all. I contemplated a home birth several times because I wanted to avoid the nurses and doctors. Well, I happen to talk to my friend (who happens to be a doula) when I was about 30 weeks pregnant and she told me about hypnobabies and that changed everything. We took classes, practiced hypnosis and felt more at ease.
(minutes after Zaylee's birth)

Zaylee's Birth Story 
Before you get labor envy, let me tell you that I am a woman who has a lot of early  labor, so please don't be surprised by how quickly things moved (what some women experience in 12+ hours or so of hard labor, my body does for 3 weeks before the actual birthday..so by no means is my labor a fast one). With Sophia and Zaylee I was dialated 3-4 cms by 39 weeks. My doctor was convinced with both girls that I was going to deliver at 38 weeks because I was 3 cm's dialated and about 80% effaced. Those numbers mean nothing, Sophia came at 41 weeks and Zaylee 39 weeks. Well, the morning of Zaylee's birthday I woke up around 4 AM with back pain. I didn't go back to sleep, and I secretly knew today was the day. I went about the rest of day having stronger contractions which felt like I was dilating about 5-6 cms, but unbelievably I only had about 2-3 strong contractions an hour. I wasn't going to go to the hospital for that, so I continued about my normal day. Well, around 2 PM I decided to lay down next to Sophia during her nap...and about 2:45 PM, I felt a pop and my water broke while I was laying down. I immediately went into much stronger contractions and felt an incredible pain that I haven't felt before. I actually didn't know my water broke, until I stood up and saw water leaking. We called our friends to pick Sophia up and rushed to the hospital. I was soo nervous (that i was going to give birth on the freeway) with traffic starting to build up as we got on the road at about 3 PM. We listened to the hypnobabies CD on the drive and I was telling my husband to get there fast, I knew it was time for pushing soon. I started shaking and I knew I was going into transition. Laboring in the car was so hard and at one point I told my husband "i can't do this anymore." When we got to the emergency room entrance of the hospital, I put on my headphones and just drowned everyone out and focused on relaxing with each contraction. It seemed like the hospital staff were taking too long, having us sign papers and answer questions. Even when we got up to the labor and delivery floor, they wheeled us into the triage room and left us alone. I told my husband at that point, "get me out of here, I'm going to push now!" He then ran out of the room and grabbed a nurse and they finally started wheeling me into labor and delivery. When we were on our way to our room, I took my headphones off at that point and I needed the support of my husband. I needed him to help me with the hypnosis and talk to me. In between my final contractions (in the wheelchair) I told him, "talk to me" and he started to script words(impromtu) we practiced for several weeks and it helped me and gave me the most relief. Once, we got to our delivery room, my body started bearing down on its own and began pushing the baby out. (to be continued on Part 2)

Monday, July 16, 2012

The wonders of 3

 Feeling so blessed lately with these two...

Sophia you are 3 years old...and

*you are growing up too fast. Lately when you wake up in the morning, you show me with amazement at how 'big' your legs and arms have gotten. You too are so impressed with what a big girl you are. (yet you are the most petite and cutest little girl)

*you have the most imaginative and creative spirit about you. As I watch you play...I see how your mind is always thinking... thinking of something so amazingly wild. Your imagination is out of this world. Oh..and the stories you tell are the best! I really could write a whole book about them. 

*you are at the age of the "no," "i don't like"...we heard that a lot around here. Even granddad at his last visit here said he's hearing a lot more "no" from you. *sigh.... i am learning to pick and choose my battles with you little lady. 

*i love how you are mixed up and call breakfast "dinner" and dinner "lunch" and lunch "breakfast." 

*your most favorite "food" in the whole wide world is chocolate. 

*you are the most cautious little girl. you don't like anything remotely "dangerous" and always cover your ears when there is a loud noise. 


* You love to color and draw. You prefer pen over pencils and crayons.

*cutting with scissors is a all time favorite too. We must have spent 30 minutes last week just cutting paper.

*you are the most helpful 3 year old. You are my little shadow that follows me throughout the day copying my every move. If I do the dishes...you would like to do the dishes as well. But, spraying tables and wiping them down after meals is your most favorite chore. (don't worry, we use natural vinegar/water spray, nothing toxic for her)

Zaylee you are 3 months old and...

*you have completely captivated my heart and everyone elses heart around you. 

*you smile and i just lose it. You are always smiling! Andd...when you start chuckling...oh gosh. Oh by the way, you think mom is the funniest person in all the land.  

*you discovered your right hand and tongue a few weeks ago and you are amazed at how it works. I catch you playing with them, a lot. 

*you are the most patient and chill baby

*you rather go to sleep by yourself without anyone rocking you and have been sleeping through the night from 2 months old. i love you. 

*you have a lot of hair...and when its wet it is curly! 

*you have the most sensitive skin and have the most amazingly slow metabolism of pooping only twice a week. Incredibly bizarre, but perfectly healthy according to the doctors. BUT, this makes you the most perfect cloth diaper baby. We thank you.