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Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Hi everyone! Thank you for all your support and love here, but we have moved!! 

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Friday, January 25, 2013


most of my prayers this week has been knowing that i can rest in the Lord. 

i heard a very inspiring homily this week at church about giving our tired bodies and souls to the Lord and finding true rest in Him. It gave me a lot of hope as a mother who felt completely depleted this week of energy and was terribly sleep deprived.

 Its amazing what a little prayer does to the soul, and what goodness comes when we surrender our desires and go with the will of God.  

Wishing you a weekend of soulful rest! 

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Friday, January 11, 2013

iphone spy {instagram pics}

oh...boy, am i glad that its FRIDAY!
its been a tiring but a successful week around here. to be quite honest its been a really long time since we have stayed home every night,had home cooked dinners...and the girls in bed and asleep by 7:30pm!! wooo!! we made "new year's parental resolutions" to have Sophia in bed by 7 and its been working out so far. We have had some down time to ourselves to talk, to read, to watch movies and to just have some plain ol' grown up time with out the kiddos. Kind of like date night all week, ha!

now i'm off for some beers, shopping and some girlfriend time! 
have a great weekend! 

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

9 months

Zaylee, you are nine months now. To think that I carried you in my womb for nine months and now you have been outside utero for 9 too? It seems like such a short time but also like eternity. I can't even imagine those days when you weren't part of our family any more. Actually, I asked your sister this morning about remembering those days before you were born...and she can't even remember them anymore either. 

You have challenged your mama bird to being a better and healthier person. I have changed my diet completely in the past month to help you with your eczema. It has been tough at times, but all the well worth it to see that it has given you some comfort and relief. 

I can tell that you will be an adventurous person. You love to be part of everything that your sister does and I am always having to save you before you dive off the bed...head first. You are a very fast crawler and now have moved onto much bigger things like cruising around the house. You have no fear and are quite a tough cookie. I love your free spirit. 

You smile all day long and love to giggle along with us when we tell a joke. You are no longer a newborn, but you still have that sweet smell. After I nursed you to sleep tonight, I laid there next to you and just smelled your sweet scent..and soaked it all in. 

 I am so blessed. 

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Cheers to 2013!!!

Happy New Year!!! 

Our little Korean princess has been waiting patiently to put on her hanbok all day to bow to her grandparents.  

I've always been so obsessed with New Years and the whole idea of "new year's resolution" I remember growing up, always obsessively thinking of my own "resolution" and dying to know what everyone else had on their new year's list. Maybe because I saw how great things can came from it. 

I think 2012 was one of the fastest years of my life. Obviously the greatest blessing was having our little Zaylee join our family. It also had so many challenges, as I learned to become a mother of two little children. I saw myself in the greatest moments strength and weakness.  

 This year I want to savor each moment. Take the time to listen more to my children and husband. To be in the moment and turn all other things off. Live my life to the fullest and challenge myself to keep growing in faith and love. I also have a checklist of little things I'd like to do...but none more important than my role to becoming a more faithful woman in prayer and love.  

One small thing, I plan on doing this year...is to GIVE more. I plan on giving away at least one small bag/box of things to the thrift store weekly. Its amazing how little we can live with and how much happier we can be when we have less. 

This whole new year thing...its so refreshing isn't it? Cheers to new beginnings!

PS: I would love to hear what your new years resolutions are! :) 

here are my resolutions from last year

Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas!

Wishing you and your loved ones the most joyful and peaceful  Christmas!

I used two of these pics for our Christmas card this year. Its great to look back at our card last year (with my prego belly) and see how much our life has changed in just 1 year. This Christmas, my heart is overflowing with love and thanksgiving for all that we have, most especially my faith and my little family.    

I have been mourning these past few days for those families who have lost their child, brother, sister, mother, and friend in the happenings of Newtown. I pray for them everyday and have been holding my dear ones a little closer this Christmas. Let us continue to pray for them and for this world. 

*A special thank you to our talented photographer Kristin Eldridge for taking our pictures for us.  

Thursday, December 6, 2012

oh advent tree...oh advent tree...

how i love thee...

check out that happy dance! You know your going to have the best day when your morning starts off with treats inside Advent calendars and you start busting out contagious moves like this. :) 

Since the first day of Christmas we have been opening up one of these number pockets each morning and inside I placed a scriptural verse, an picture to go with it and a small treat or note.  

This advent calendar was inspired by oh happy day's blog.