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Friday, April 29, 2011

Vacay {can't wait!}

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We are so overdued for this trip! I can almost smell the sea water, but not quite! Every year, my husband and I take a mini vacay to celebrate our wedding anniversary and we go back to our honeymoon spot. Obviously, you know from previous postings that our anniversary was a few weeks ago. But due to a lot of exciting changes in our lives right now, we had to postpone it for a bit...but in a few short weeks, I'll be right there.

Royal Wedding

credit: Toby Melville/Reuters/Landov

Sophia's favorite word this week was "princess." It was perfect in timing for the Royal wedding. I got to share a bit of history with my daughter this morning in watching the Royal Wedding! It was so special to me because I remember my mom always telling me about Princess Diana's wedding and what it meant to her and now I got to share it with my own daughter. (just in case you were wondering...yes, I was named after her).

This wedding was amazing to watch and I loved Princess Catherine's (as she is now called) dress! I thought it was perfect because she didn't overdo it, but it was perfectly "Kate" in every way. In her own simple style, but still very regal.

What I found fascinating through all of it was the different commentary I was hearing from the different news anchors hosting. I was flipping through the channels and it was amazing how the American audience had such a different outlook of what they wanted to see in a wedding. It seemed that the American people wanted to see "glitz" and "glam." But the British had their own style of having a conservative, classic and historical approach. I too turned on the TV with an American outlook this morning, but when I turned it off I was so open-minded and wowed by how beautiful everything was done and how everyone dressed.

PS: here's a funny fact: my husband's real name is Charles (although he goes by his middle name Michael). : ) Get it? Get it? lol.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Anthropologie {Shop with the kiddos!}

What a dream come true for mothers this year! I'm totally going and its great because Sophia loves to dig! Any other mama's down to join me?

I remember going into Anthropologie last year on Mother's day and seeing a lot of happy mom's walk in and shop ALONE. They were all wearing their "I LOVE MOM" engraved charms either around their wrist or neck (which they got earlier that morning as a gift) and happy to be spending the afternoon quietly shopping (while I'm sure dad's took baby duty for the day). We would walk pass each other, smile and continue to gawk away at everything in the store.

PS: Next time you are in the store, sign up for the Anthro card. Its a membership card that keeps track of your receipts and you get special treats from them on your birthday month. : )

Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Easter!

Right to Left: my dad, my mom, my darling Sophia, me, my bro (he's single FYI), my love

Happy Easter Everyone! This was our Easter/birthdaybash/anniversary celebration yesterday. April is a huge month in our family. We have 3 wedding anniversaries, countless birthdays and of course this year we also had Easter that fell on the same day.

This Easter was so special for me on many levels, but one thing my wise husband said to me really stuck. He said to me yesterday, "focus on the Lord first." Just these simple words made me realize that I needed to get my mind, my hopes, my desires back in check to reality. Been talking with several friends lately and it seems like everyone is in a funk of some sort. And many of times these "funks" are in our lives because something is/or not happening RIGHT now at this time that isn't according to OUR WILL. And..we have to realize, that the journey of our life is drawn with crooked lines (by us) to follow the straight path to Heaven.

I am so thankful for my husband (my more logical half) to bringing me a dose of truth again, so that I can clear my head, my heart, my desire and focus on the Lord again.

On a lighter note, I am off my shopping ban! It was a great experience but I wont do it again. lol, j/k. Maybe next year.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Happy Birthday to me {confession}

I have a confession to make. I know I gave up shopping for 40 days. But, my birthday happened to fall upon one of these excruciating 40 days this year. So...a couple SUNDAY's ago (my husband said Sunday's were permissable, and he is probably the most scrupulous person I know, so I'm sure I wont go to hell for this) I bought my birthday gift. A beautiful Marc by Marc Jacobs handbag. This handbag is actually just a Nordstroms exclusive. It is so hot! It comes in several other colors; gray, white and yellow. The gray is smokin hot too...but I opted for the classic black.

Okay, so now when you see me walk around with a new handbag around my arm don't look at me suspiciously. It was a legit purchase.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Today is 3 years {Happy Anniversary!}

Today we celebrate 3 years of blissful marriage! We have experienced so much of life together in the past 3 years, but I feel like this is just the beginning and we are still somewhat in the honeymoon stage. I can't wait to share many many more years with you. I love you, my love!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Weekend [slowing down]

The weekend went by so quickly! I was looking at all the pictures I took this weekend...and this one lets me realize that even though we were driving all over town, I had at least one moment to just share and be with my daughter.

Can't believe my little Sophia will be 2 soon! It is so surreal. Yesterday morning, while Mike and I were tag-teaming making breakfast in the kitchen, Sophia was right there helping out too and I said to Mike,"can you believe this little girl is a part of our family?" Even though she has been with us for 2 years now, it just hit me that she is our little family member. Maybe it was because she looked so grown up by helping us out in making breakfast.

My life is a dream. I thank God for it each day.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Baby Kimono {update with color swatches}

Baby Girl Kimono in yellow

Also available in this coral color

Baby Boy Kimono, in Robot pattern

Baby boy Kimono also available in Elephant pattern

Sorry for the delay on showing you the other pattern/color that the baby Kimono's come in. If your interested in purchasing one for a little bundle of love, check out www.frankophile.etsy.com

I will donate 15% of each Kimono to helping Japan. Spread the love friends.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Huntington Library {Pasadena, CA}

In 27 years of my life, why have I never discovered this little gem hidden among the beautiful neighborhoods of San Marino?! Maybe, I wouldn't have appreciated it as much then, than now as a mother. We are definitely making more trips back here.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

vintage child {the littlest shop}

Cracker Jack Dress
Louisa Dress
Emma Twirl Dress
Since I'm on a shopping ban, I've been vicariously living through Sophia's wardrobe. Okay...not so much really, but aren't these vintage dresses absolutely darling!

There's just something so sweet and innocent about vintage clothes on kids. It reminds you of your own childhood and how sweet our little world used to be.

PS: all dresses are from The Littlest Shop The prices are very reasonable because all the clothes are not brand new, but are in pretty good condition.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Etsy shop open {Baby Eva's Kimono shown}

I'm finally open! This is just one of the Kimono's finished. I will be adding the other items to my shop soon. This fabric is obviously for a girl, but I can't wait to show you the boy fabric. I am slightly leaning towards liking the boy fabric even more. Will post the other fabric options soon.

Remember, I'm donating 15% of each Kimono to helping Japan. Spread the love friends :)