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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

summer list

I'm so excited now that summer is officially here! I love everything about summer; the smell {of sunblock and the ocean breeze}, the CALIFORNIA weather {warm hot days}, the sound {sleeping with windows open and hearing kids playing outside my neighborhood until 11 PM}, the look {looking hot in just cutoff's and a basic tee} and the taste {don't even get me started here}!

Here's my summer "TO-DO" list before Labor Day:
1. Go camping {both at the beach and at the woods}
2. Watch a movie outdoors with my daughter
3. Have family dinners outdoors at least twice a week
4. Beach at least 3x a week (last year we went at least 2wice)
5. Eat more fresh/raw food {fruit, veggies, oysters}, less cooking
6. Many, many bonfires with SMORES (does this contradict #5?)
7. Read a good book
8. Print photos after taking them
9. Drink more water
10. Live and be simple

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