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Thursday, June 9, 2011


Yesterday, I was singing and playing the "Monkey's on the bed" song with Sophia. I said, "one" and she said, "2,3,4,5,6,7." I couldn't believe she was able to count that high! So, I said,"seven" and she said, "8,9,10!"

The hubs and I are always amazed with how much she knows! She is speaking more clearly nowadays and definitely articulating her opinions. Sometimes we have no idea where she picks up some of the things she says...because we clearly didn't teach her. For example, lately when she gets mad she yells, "GO AWAY!" {you can only imagined how appalled I was when these words came out of my little 'angels' mouth).

She has so much personality now and always, i mean always, on the GO. I miss those days of just holding her and her being content in my arms. Now she is pointing, chatting, and running. But, this is also so much fun.

Yesterday...I also filled 2 more bags of clothes she outgrew. The thought occurred to me that these clothes will never be for Sophia again and the next time I pull these clothes out, it will be for another child. So sad..but so sweet at the same time.

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