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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Hip hip horray! {on mothering}

The picture above is my little monkey jumping off the board in her swim class this week. Last week she didn't want any part of it, this week she jumped off it twice. She is maturing so much each day!

As you know, I started potty training her last week and I am so proud to say we haven't had any accidents since day 2! She is telling me now when she has to go and its been such a great transition! I will admit it, I was ready to give up on day 2 when she had several accidents.. but day 3 came and she just picked it up. I read online somewhere that a mom said she would say, "hip! hip! horray! (child name) went potty today!" So, I thought I'd try it and I tossed Sophia in the air each time. SHE LOVED IT! She loved that her mommy was so proud of her.

We all have tough moments with our toddlers, but sometimes its letting go what we want to control in our child that is tougher than our actual child. I know, I always have to remind myself that Sophia is 2 years old. Although she may seem 12 years old at times, she is not. We must learn to embrace each age and each moment with our little monkeys. Lately I've been having much more moments of awe with her. Yesterday we were apart for 30 minutes and when she saw me, she gave me the tightest hug and said, "i miss you!" My heart melted.

Hope you all are having these special moments with your children lately as I have been with mine.

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