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Friday, March 9, 2012

2 years, 10 months

Dear Sophia,

You are now 2 years old and 10 months, where has the time gone by! A few months ago someone pointed out that you were almost 3 years old and it hit me like a ton of bricks. How can my little baby be 3 years old already?! I looked at you differently from that comment on, i looked at you and I saw a almost 3 year old.. a toddler ready to be 3.

One of the biggest, yet rewarding challenges you have taught me in this age is to be patient. Our life lately has been moving a little slower and everything takes about an extra 5 minutes to do because you have to do it yourself. I am learning to sit back and let you dress yourself, sometimes pick out your own clothes (which is always the pink dress with white polka dots, your favorite), put on your own shoes, unwrap anything. As much as I want to do these things for you, at the same time I love watching you do it yourself. And sometimes...the part that I wait for is "mom, can you help me" after you have tried it a few times and can't seem to get it quite right. I love how independent you are, but that you still need me as your mom.

You have grown so much in this past month, your appah and I are amazed everyday at the wonders that come out of your mouth. Things I'll never forget that you said in the past few weeks:

"Animals have tails mom, we don't have tails...we have bodies"

"I would like to pray for my baby sister and her life" (during our nightly prayer..this was your intention last night)

and...i'm pretty sure you can recite the whole movie of the Lion King back to me. Hakkuna Matata...

This is your last month of being an 'only child' and I am going to savor each moment of it. I'm going to give you extra hugs and extra kisses each day to remind you that you are loved. And take the time to rest and cuddle with you instead of folding that extra basket of laundry. I will try to find energy to run with you and play hide and go seek.

I love you sweet girl. You are my sunshine.

This was you this week (2years, 10 months). I turned around to find you reading in a basket. One of your favorite things to do lately is to find any type of box and try to sit in it.
This was you a year ago (1 yr, 10 months)
At 10 months old.. i miss those chubby legs and arms.

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