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Wednesday, February 29, 2012


My life lately has just been one big checklists. Everyday, i wake up and look at my list and hope to find it all crossed off soon. As many of you know, i have been crazy nesting this whole pregnancy (which means that every closet of this house has been re-organized)...and me cleaning out our garage again. But it feels good... but now i've very tired. I have two big container of baby clothes to wash this week... and its just been sitting there playing the starring contest with me.

My checklist is getting smaller each day.. and i am now hoping to find some energy to do some fun sewing projects and have a blank to-do list for a while.

Also, we've been bribing our little Sophia to sleep in her crib and not co-sleep with us lately. We're on day 3 today and I think so far so good. We made one big trip to the candy store today for her to pick out pink bubblegum for having a successful night (fingers cross this continues). I guess between waking up for bathroom trips at night and a toddler begging to crawl into bed with you, i'm getting some great practice for sleepless nights to come.

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  1. We missed you at 진주할머's birthday party~ but we all know you're due soon, and should be taking this time to prepare and rest. I'm so excited for baby girl #2, and sounds like you and your whole family are as well!

    As always it's such a feel good to read your posts and see the pictures you have. Thanks for the study-breaks. See you at the next family function, or possibly sooner!

  2. i accidentally erased the last syllable for 진주할머니.. oops. haha-

  3. Thanks Heesoo! I missed seeing everyone too. I hope to see you all before this baby makes an appearance... if not, i'm sure soon after. : ) Hope you are doing well and your arm is all better now.


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