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Monday, July 16, 2012

The wonders of 3

 Feeling so blessed lately with these two...

Sophia you are 3 years old...and

*you are growing up too fast. Lately when you wake up in the morning, you show me with amazement at how 'big' your legs and arms have gotten. You too are so impressed with what a big girl you are. (yet you are the most petite and cutest little girl)

*you have the most imaginative and creative spirit about you. As I watch you play...I see how your mind is always thinking... thinking of something so amazingly wild. Your imagination is out of this world. Oh..and the stories you tell are the best! I really could write a whole book about them. 

*you are at the age of the "no," "i don't like"...we heard that a lot around here. Even granddad at his last visit here said he's hearing a lot more "no" from you. *sigh.... i am learning to pick and choose my battles with you little lady. 

*i love how you are mixed up and call breakfast "dinner" and dinner "lunch" and lunch "breakfast." 

*your most favorite "food" in the whole wide world is chocolate. 

*you are the most cautious little girl. you don't like anything remotely "dangerous" and always cover your ears when there is a loud noise. 


* You love to color and draw. You prefer pen over pencils and crayons.

*cutting with scissors is a all time favorite too. We must have spent 30 minutes last week just cutting paper.

*you are the most helpful 3 year old. You are my little shadow that follows me throughout the day copying my every move. If I do the dishes...you would like to do the dishes as well. But, spraying tables and wiping them down after meals is your most favorite chore. (don't worry, we use natural vinegar/water spray, nothing toxic for her)

Zaylee you are 3 months old and...

*you have completely captivated my heart and everyone elses heart around you. 

*you smile and i just lose it. You are always smiling! Andd...when you start chuckling...oh gosh. Oh by the way, you think mom is the funniest person in all the land.  

*you discovered your right hand and tongue a few weeks ago and you are amazed at how it works. I catch you playing with them, a lot. 

*you are the most patient and chill baby

*you rather go to sleep by yourself without anyone rocking you and have been sleeping through the night from 2 months old. i love you. 

*you have a lot of hair...and when its wet it is curly! 

*you have the most sensitive skin and have the most amazingly slow metabolism of pooping only twice a week. Incredibly bizarre, but perfectly healthy according to the doctors. BUT, this makes you the most perfect cloth diaper baby. We thank you.  

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