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Monday, July 23, 2012

a birth story {Sophia + Zaylee}- PART 2

Sophia holding Zaylee for the first time. 

My body was pushing the baby out on its own. The nurses were telling me to get onto the bed, but I couldn't. I was pushing the baby out. They insisted that I needed to get on so that they can check me. I was thinking in my mind "why do you need to check me, the baby is coming out now?!" Well, somehow they managed to get me on the bed and saw that the baby's head was crowning. The nurses (4 of them) got together and told me I needed to push the baby out now. With one or maybe 2 pushes (i can't remember), Zaylee's head was out. The nurses said, "look mom, your baby is here...go ahead and delivery the rest of your baby." I looked down and couldn't believe it (she was finally here!) and I grabbed my baby from her armpits and pulled her onto my belly.  She was so calm and so beautiful. She opened her eyes and looked at me and I couldn't believe how beautiful she was. She just layed there completely relaxed and rested. We rested together until her cord stop pulsing and Mike then got to cut the cord. I was then able to pull her closer up to my breast (her cord was so short, so she layed on my stomach until this moment). Zaylee was born at 3:45 PM (an hour after my water broke at home)with the help of the most supportive nurses (the doctor never made it). They followed my birth plan and gave me exactly what I asked for even though things happened so quickly. 

We saw a documentary during one of our hypnobabies class about how babies can self latch onto the mother's breast after birth. The babies will start bobbing their head and wiggling their body over to find the nipple. I knew that I definitely wanted to do this with my next baby. So after a few minutes, the most incredible thing happened, Zaylee started to lift her head and wiggle her body over to my nipple and self latched! I was floored by how special this moment was. The art of womanhood was complete.  

Our first picture as a family of 4

I was very pleased with using hypnobabies as a relaxation technique in delivering my baby. The nurses told me when I was done that they didn't think I was that further along by how "calm" I looked. They told us that they have seen the most success in natural childbirth with hypnobabies moms. In hypnobabies, they use the same procedure that they use in patients that cannot take medical anesthesia for major surgeries. I also love that it really involves the help of the spouse in getting through labor. Once again, I did labor a lot through just listening to my hypnobaby CD's while my husband was filling out paper work at the hospital and answering questions.. but he was at my side through it all scripting hypnosis to me and his voice helped me the most. 

PS: I also want to add that in the moment when I somewhat lost it in the car ride over to the hospital, I felt the prayers of all of my friends and family and it is what really helped me get through it. It was really through the grace of the prayers that had me persevering.      


  1. What a beautiful birth story Diana! I am so happy for you that things went so perfectly this time around!

    1. Thank Sara! It really was a blessing from God how smooth things went.

  2. Diana!! I am so proud of you!! What a testament. Yay for natural childbirth! You look amazing. Beautiful family. Congrats!!


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