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Saturday, October 27, 2012

a picture story {via instagram}

 Once upon a time...there were two little sisters...one was three and the other 6 months. They did almost everything together...from the moment they woke up to, the moment they kissed each other goodnight.

the three year old has a wild imagination and loves to play dress up and basically did everything a "grown up" did..i.e like grocery shop...(just in mini version) 

while the 6 month old is learning some survival skills of eating solid food and sitting up, army crawling everywhere and smiling a lot. 

the mom's day consists of homeschooling and breaking up "love fights"

these girls and their mama also do fun things like going to book signings and religious freedom rallys

But Sundays..ahh yes Sundays are the best...because mom gets to try new recipes and make the best butternut squash soup and yummy salads..and pack them all up for a picnic at the beach playground...to eat and watch the sunset with her girls. the end.

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  1. I LOVE the pic of the girls sleeping together! So beautiful! -Ann


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