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Monday, October 1, 2012

Sharing is caring + Carnival

Happy October!! This is my favorite month of the year and...the first week of October is my absolute favorite week of the whole year. There are so many great saint feast days this week...starting with one of my all time favorite St. Therese of Liseux (who we celebrate today!!)..and then St. Francis of Assisi later this week(!!). I always anticipate and look forward to this week. It is so special to me.

This weekend we did so many mini spontaneous things. It was a weekend of sharing interests and showing interests in what the other likes to do. When you show interest in what the person likes to do...your basically saying..."hey your pretty cool and totally worth my time." I've only been married for 4 1/2 years and by means no expert on marriage...but I think its very important that couples continue to show support of what the other person likes to do. Luckily for me...that meant getting up this Saturday and attending a cross fit/health booth and seeing the opening of a new gym...and even putting on one of Mike's smaller cross fit shirts to show support. He was so proud..and I was glad to make him so happy. In return, it meant he got to walk in the hot heat at a huge flea market with me on Sunday and show some interest in some antique goods. I feel so blessed that I am married not only to a faithful and dedicated family man...but that he is also my best friend.

On another note... we took Sophia to the carnival for the 1st time yesterday night. She had her first cotton candy and was incredibly courageous to try a few rides out...needless to say it was a magical night for her. I am so proud of my little girl... i know she really pushed herself last night and tried out a few rides (she is my very cautious little gal).



...Oh..and we went swimming and had an In & Out burger...anytime those two are involved...you know its a good one.

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