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Sunday, March 27, 2011

hot stone rice [salmon & Ikura roe]

Wish you were there with me to hear this bowl sizzle. My newest obsession is eating anything off a hot stone rice bowl. This bowl is full of rice, cooked salmon and salmon roe (ikura), onions and some yummy sauce. The best part is that once your done emptying your bowl, you have a layer of crispy hardened rice at the bottom that you can just break apart and munch on... almost like dessert. So good... the only thing is that the meal is so hot (i wasn't kidding about it coming out sizzling) that you have to take your time eating it. It really is hard to wait for each bite to kind of cool down before putting into your mouth.

PS: we also love this place for the $1.00 beer, [shown right behind the bowl].

PPS: My hubs had the ramen and he said it was the bomb.

PPPS: My toddler had the chicken yakitori and said it was the bomb too (well not really... but she happily ate the whole thing)

PPPPS: Ajito Japanese Grill & Yakitori 11314 South St. Cerritos, CA.... if you were wondering.

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  1. Sounds awesome. I'll have to try it! Ann


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