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Thursday, March 31, 2011

meatless pasta & salad

My all time quick and yummy pasta dish for Sophia (and us) is this Pastina with Peas and Carrots by Giada De laurentiis. I altered the recipe a little bit to make it healthier by using whole wheat pasta and adding a few other veggies. If you have a hard time getting your kids to eat veggies, you must try this recipe. Luckily for me, Sophia loves her veggies... I use this recipe mostly to get carbs in her (i know, who's heard of a girl that isn't crazy about carbs?!) . The cheesy sauce (cream cheese + mascapone cheese) is amazing when combined. You know its worth a try when, you have a toddler cleaning her plate and asking for round two.

I actually paired this meal with a Caprese salad this week, just because I had tomatoes that needed to be used. It actually paired the meal perfectly. Give it a try.

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