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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

27 weeks

This is usually us everyday. All 3 of us laying around together and have some resting/nap time. It is one of my favorite parts of the day, when we can cuddle and rest our tired bodies.

Dear Baby Girl,

You are now the size of a cauliflower and weigh almost 2 pounds. I can tell you have grown a lot in my belly by just the movements you make. You love to twist and turn around A LOT (more than I remember your sister Sophia moving). This makes me ponder on your personality even more! I wonder if you are going to be an active little girl because of your busyness in my womb. I love looking down at my belly and seeing it dance around and morph differently because you move so much! The other day your big sister was laying on my belly and you kicked her. She felt you move for the first time and asked me what that was. She asks about you everyday and this morning she told me that I will have another baby to take care of.

Your Aapah is so excited too. We just can't wait to meet you and see what you will bring to our family.

I am feeling more relaxed to give birth to you in a few more weeks. Mommy is reading books and starting to get ready for your birthday. : )

I love you,

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