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Monday, January 23, 2012

pro. life. 29 weeks.

this was yesterday's post...that i just never got around to posting. i am 29 weeks along now and this is pretty much what my belly looks like right now. Baby girl shakes and wiggles up a storm lately and sometimes her little feet will stick out, just like the image above. Although, its not as visually clear...i can usually tell what it is.

On this anniversary of Roe VS Wade, i thought i'd share something that is so important to me. My reason for being pro-life. When I was 16 years old, I met a teacher that changed my life. He educated me on so many moral and ethical issues and showed me both stances to see the light and truth. One of them being an abortion documentary and presentation. I remember walking away feeling a sense of awe for life...but also so heartbroken. My heart was broken for the little unborn lives that didn't have a choice to live, the brutal procedure, but even more so for the mothers that aborted their children. Many women were sharing their heart wrenching stories of how painful it has been since their abortions (physically and even more so emotionally). I thought(in my 16 year old head) if these women choose to abort their child, then they should walk away feeling happy, somewhat relief? But, it wasn't the case. In fact, I saw pain, a lot of tears and a loss and void in their hearts that they cannot replace. One woman shared how long and painful her abortion procedure took and afterwards she asked her doctor why it took so long. He later announced to her that she was going to have twins and that he had to abort 2 babies.

Along with many other reasons why I am pro-life.. this is something I wanted to share on this pro-life week. Life is gift and a blessing.

On another note, I came upon a new blog this morning that touched my heart. She shares in incredible life-changing birth story . Today, her beautiful little girl turns two and they are asking for a special favor. Please click over and support a special cause.

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