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Monday, January 2, 2012

goodbye 2011, hello 2012

Just before the new year ended, i went on a Krispy Kreme date with Sophia. I suddenly had a massive craving I just couldn't pass up.. so this little girl and I decided to indulge (heavily). It was delicious.

This new year resolution seems so surreal to me this year; a new year to start over.. break bad habits and create new ones seems almost too good to be true. 2012 I welcome you!

Here's my resolution:
1. LOVE more deeply. Realizing that life is so short and I want to love the people I see daily more deeply everyday.

2. PRAYer. Going to find more time for prayer (no more mommy exhaustion excuses for this.)

3. HEALTH. Start juicing and eating healthy. Less sugar. Less meat. More veggies. Exercise.

4. BUDGET. and sticking to it.

Four seems to be enough to change me into a better person in 2012. May this be a year of greater love, hope and joy for you all too.

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