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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Happy Father's Day

 Happy father's day to all the hardworking, loving and supportive father's out there. I am truly blessed to have been raised and loved by this world's greatest dad. I have always grown up loving and feeling very loved by my own father. He worked very hard so that I may live a very comfortable life and never have I ever heard a complaint. He showed me a great example of what great manhood should look like. He spent many many hours working, but the few moments he took time to be with my brother and I were so special. I love you dad! 

Therefore, I think I met my husband who sometimes in a weird way remind me of my own father. When I first met my husband, I found out that he was wearing the same pair of ugly, old, very run down Doc Marten shoes that my own father was wearing for years. I thought, it was fascinatingly weird and I couldn't believe I met someone who could possibly fit in my dad's shoes : ) But, if there is one common resemblance, it is the father's love that he shows to our two beautiful girls. These two daughter's definitely have a special bond and love for their dad that I (as a mother) can not even come close to. Sophia is daddy's little girl and when Zaylee gazes into her father's eyes..I see the way Mike melts. Too sweet. 

Sophia is at the age where she loves the idea of a wedding. She looks at our wedding pictures everyday and says to me sometimes that she wants to marry her dad. Or better yet, she tells me "mom, i don't like you dancing with daddy" (when she see's the picture of us having our 1st dance)...she wants to be the only one in his arms, i'm sure. 

Happy Father's day Mike! You are the most incredible dad to our girls! i love you! 


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  1. O my goodness Diana!! I am dying over these pictures!! Cute! Cute!


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