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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

life lately {via iphone & instagram}

Its been way too long since I've last blogged, but its been crazy busy around these parts. I have not had any moments in front of the computer at all. We have been house sitting for my parents, having birthday parties, friends visiting from out of town, sick kiddos, and lots of mini day trips out. I have been longing for days just to be at home and just be with my girls. Summer is definitely here in our home. 

Sophia is officially 3 now and Zaylee 2 months old. These girls are getting bigger each day at a blink of an eye. We are plurging clothes from closets almost weekly of what doesn't "fit" anymore. Sophia shows interest in new things daily and just amazes me with her humor and personality. Zaylee is turning her little newborn body of her's into chubby solid rolls (my favorite). She is the sweetest and most joyful baby and always smiling. I cannot imagine my life any other way. My heart is so full.   

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