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Monday, June 25, 2012

a proposal

My very dearest best friend from college and my maid of honor at my own wedding just got engaged!!! I have been anticipating this proposal probably just as long as her, well probably not as long...but I have been waiting long enough! You see, she is marrying a pretty awesome guy...who basically saved our wedding reception. ha! Its an inside joke, but we love both of them so much!
 Well the other day, I got a surprise card in the mail and this is what I opened the envelope to see! 

Here is the front of the card

Here was the back of the card

anddddd....the answer is YES! YES! YES!!!!! Isn't this one of the sweetest ways to ask someone to be part of your wedding day? I was soooo terribly surprised and excited all at the same time! Sophia has no idea what a flower girl is, but she hasn't stopped talking about it thats for sure. She keeps insisting that she needs to get 'her wedding dress' ready. : ) 

May- thank you soo much for asking us to be part of your most special day! We are beyond honored!! I can't wait to be part of your wedding planning and most of all pray for you during this whole process. I love you sister friend! PS: this better mean dark chocolate babies soon to follow.  

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