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Sunday, September 23, 2012

a time away in reflection

I have been MIA again from the blog...mostly due to the fact that I blinked and realized that my babies were growing up too quickly. I needed these past few weeks to get away from social media for a bit and re-focus on the good ol' reality of life. With a lot of traveling been done this summer and a surmount amount of household chores to be finished..but most importantly two beautiful baby girls and one wonderful husband later...i realized I need to spend more time living in the moment. 

I took a deep breath, prioritized, checked off a lot of unnecessary tasks in my life, stayed on task on things that needed to be done, unplugged my phone, and most especially prayed..and it did a lot of good to my soul. I was listening to a song the other day and I caught myself singing a long, "there is always sunshine after the rain.." and it made me realize how true that was. There is always consolation to the soul after a drought of desolation. And we have to remember when we are in the bouts of desolation that consolation will come... because God is good, right? Yes, he is so good...so merciful..and so faithful.

But in the midst of my chaos, I still took a lot of pictures :) So...here are a few of my growing babies. If you follow me already on Instagram, you probably have already seen these. 

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