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Monday, September 24, 2012

blue polka dots + heavenly talks {sunday best}

Yesterday, I had a special moment with my curious, brilliant, and very imaginative 3 year old. She found my special blue beaded cross that a very close friend gave to me when I miscarried my baby and asked me to tell her more about it. I explained to her that the cross was a special reminder to me of our little baby in Heaven. She then asked me what heaven was and asked if she can go there. It was so special and surreal to have this conversation with my little girl...and a great reminder she needs to know more of this great place called Heaven..so that she may desire sainthood daily. 


  1. i want to be a mom just like you one day!! xoxo

    1. Thanks!! Anyways...when are you back in CA! I want to catch up again....and girlfriend, i neeeeeed you to do my nails : )


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