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Friday, September 28, 2012

Random recap {TGIF}

Happy TGIF! I always wake up and sigh with relief on Fridays! It means we have the weekend uninterrupted with our favorite guy around here..aka husband.

*This week has been a good yet challenging week... realizing that sleep deprivation and me don't work too well together. I have been mothering and wife-ing around here like a zombie. But...last night I went to bed at the beautiful sunset of 7:30 PM and woke up today around 6:45 AM..with only a few minor sleep interruptions. I guess..i was tired. This is a total tangent...but I was laying with Sophia in bed at 7:00 PM and we were looking out of her window... and saw the most beautiful sky with pink streaks of the sun setting. She said to me, "mom..look at the sky it has pink lines...who painted it? God?" This girl is too good...I love the way she thinks.

* Mid week beach night breaks and trying new mexican food places are awesome. I think I had the best chicken taco this week. I'm still dreaming of them. I was obsessed with their salsa too.

*I made cauliflower rice this week for the first time. Husband has been crazy into cross fit  for a few months now and is on this paleo diet challenge...which means we are semi- paleo diet eaters around here too. I'm all about eating healthy, so we made some positive adaptations and its been really great. I'll try to share my recipe next week. It was actually quite tasty!

*Dropped Sophia off at her first atrium class {catechises of the Good Shepherd} and she absolutely loved it! She walked out with the biggest smile/hug for me and the first two things out of her mouth was, "I had so much fun mom. I had so much fun." Its always the best feeling as a parent when your child walks out with those words and it just affirms that you made a right decision (i guess having her two best buddies in the class doesn't hurt either, right?) This school is located literally 2 minutes from my house in a magical garden home with lots of fruit/vegetable trees. I love how magical it is. I had no idea this existed until this point.

*Made two crafts this week. Both for two little 3 year old girls who also turned 3! One is pictured below of Sophia wearing the crown of felt flowers.

* Zaylee has been tasting avocado this week. She doesn't seem to care for it too much right now.  She has been a night owl and early bird this week... i love teething. And... our once of week pooper has now changed to once a day pooper this week. We are totally stumped by this... I can't ever imagine going back to having a baby (in the future) one day pooping like a normal baby after having the luxury of changing poop only once a week. Sorry that was a lot of poop in one mini paragraph. Needless to say, she still smiles about a million times a day...and when she does..we all sort of turn into mush around here.

Reflection: Do small things with great LOVE.

My instagram pics from the week:

Hope you all have an awesome weekend! 

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