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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

never again...unless they begged

will my children take another photo with Santa. 

{confessions from a very guilty mom}: 
Sophia has been really curious about Santa this year and I constantly battled with the idea of whether I needed to tell her the truth of his non-existence or to lead her to believe in something just for the sake of wonderful childhood. Well... truth is, we lied  deceived and have been playing on this whole "Santa" thing around here. So, when we were at the mall this past weekend..Sophia had her eyes glued on Santa and kept telling us she wanted to see him, but once we got close..she wanted to leave. We basically bribed the poor child to sit on his lap and dragged her baby sister to do the same. Sophia sat on his lap eventually knowing she was going to get a candy cane lollipop at the end of it..and our little bird (Zaylee).. got nothing but some breast milk to console her. True story. 


  1. hahaha. I love it Diana!! poor zaylee.

    1. thanks jessica! i know.. poor zaylee :( but it was kind of really funny.. (such a mean mom)


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