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Sunday, May 15, 2011

bargain buy

What's the difference between the 2 shoes? A great price! I went on the hunt for some neutral pumps the other day. I saw these gorgeous Enzo Angiolini heels at Nordstroms (2nd image)...and had my heart set that I was going home with them. BUT...they failed to have my size...and they failed to have it any other stores close by. Having them mailed to me is not an option because I needed to wear them less than 24 hrs of purchase. So, I left the store and went to a dozen more stores to find nothing. I made a turn back to Nordstrom to head home and saw a little store next to it called "Vision Shoes." I've never been inside before and as I was perusing the window I saw a similar shoe (image 1)! 10 minutes later.. and you know how the story goes.

Fact- Enzo Angiolini 'Martini' shoe $89.95
Vision Shoe version about $25.99

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