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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Mommy Style

In honor of Mother's Day just a couple of days, I thought I'd dedicate this whole week to mommy essentials for style. As a mom, you don't have much time to look stylish [i said 'much time' not 'NO time'] But, becoming a mommy myself I realize that mom's can have a more stylish and effortless look to them with just a few items and still look fabulous.

Therefore, here is item #1: SUNGLASSES.

Sunglasses offers a lot more when you are a mom. Of course eye protection is the first reason we wear them, fashion number two, but thirdly we need them just cover up those dark circles/bags under our eyes from the lack of sleep. Even our minimal make-up look good when we have a nice pair of shades on. I vow on my shades and have them on as soon as my tippy toes hit the concrete jungle outside everyday.

PS: Aren't these Alexander McQueen shades just perfect and regal for any day? [Yes, i'm still on the royal high]

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