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Monday, December 5, 2011

our Christmas card

i've been hit hard...with a spurt of the nesting stage these past week 2 weeks. i've been driving my husband mad probably with having to clean out every nook and cranny of our home here..and wanting to get everything ready for CHRISTmas. this includes...home decorating, buying gifts ahead of time, baking, and finishing up our Christmas cards to be sent out. So...here it is, our Christmas card photo for this year: i just realized...i'm probably nesting for the most important birth of all..the birth of Our Lord. i couldn't understand why i was nesting so early (because with my 1st pregnancy, i didn't feel this way until the very end)... but i'm taking advantage of my nutty behavior because i'm sure its to go away soon.

in the meantime... i don't want to lose focus on what is most important here. afterall, Christmas isn't about all the material gifts, or the cookie baking, or the pretty lit Christmas tree... but it is something so intimate and sacred..the birthday of a tiny babe that will change the world. i have been reminding my little Sophia around here that Christmas is JESUS' birthday...and we will be having a BIG BIRTHDAY party for Him here..with cake, of course : )

what are some Christmas traditions you do to celebrate the birthday of Our Lord?

ps: our picture was taken by my bff..she took it for us on Thanksgiving day this year. : )

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