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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Happy Post!

December, I welcome you with a joy-filled heart! This is one of my favorite months... i play Christmas music non-stop and find excuses to turn on extra pretty lights around the house..just because. : ) Here are a few things that have been making me happy around here..
Our Christmas tree is up! Sophia actually helped us decorate the tree this year. Although we do have several of the ornaments just on the lower half of the tree (kind of awkward, yes) and she rearranges them daily... it makes me happy. So i let her.
I really enjoyed Thanksgiving dinner this year, and I enjoyed thanksgiving leftovers even more. My baby bump likes it a lot. : )
This baby craves coconut water and flesh! My husband was kind enough to hack into this one, put three straws..so all 3 (ahem 4) of us can enjoy it together. We couldn't stop cracking up while drinking it.
Lunch dates with the cutest kiddo.
Laminate floors! I have dreamed about getting our nasty carpet removed forever..and my dream came true! My husband installed all the flooring himself. He is so manly. I love him. :) PS: Just don't mind the mess in the background.

What makes you happy lately?

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