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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

23 weeks

here's me...at 23 weeks with my girls!
i am so excited knowing i have 17 more weeks to go (hopefully less and not more). we had another positive doctors visit this past week, so i treated baby girl to a nice strawberry milkshake and some fried chicken and waffles. she's been so busy on the move in my belly and i love it so much! i'm not used to doing weekly belly shots... but if i remember i think i'm going to try to take them weekly from now on.

Dear Baby Girl,

You are my little Hope and Light. I dream of you everyday and wonder what kind of person you are. I wonder what kind of personality you have and how amazing of a person you will be in this world. I just cannot wait to see your face and shed tears of joy. You love to move around a lot, but you have your days. Some days, i seriously think you sleep 12 hours..and other days you have a dance party all day long in my belly. I love the party days the best. I anticipate your birth so much. Although, umma is a little unprepared right now and not sure how your delivery will go.. i just can't wait to hold you at the end of the tunnel. You are Light.

Your appa thinks you are going to be the most chill baby in the world and just the best (like your sister). Your big sister talks about holding you, changing your diaper, bathing you, and rocking you to sleep everyday (although she will only be 2 still when you are born). She tells me everyday that she wants to hold you. She does poke at you a lot and wonders why you aren't here yet.

i love you so much,

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