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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

update from MIA

i've been m.i.a lately... mostly because i've been tired and a little overwhelmed over here. But here's an instagram/iphone photo update of what i've been doing.
1. Sophia started ballet/tap classes. It has been pretty much the highlight of every week here for the past 3 weeks. It is simply adorable to see a bunch of 2 year old in tutus doing "plie." Andd.. here's a mini story for the books:
The ballet teacher is using imagination for stretching and asks each girl "where do you want to go?" One student says "China" and then the teacher says "Sophia, where do you want to go?" Sophia responds, "Home Depot." We almost peed our pants. I guess all these trips to the hardware store with dad to give mommy a few minutes to herself is really paying off. : )

2. lots of naps together.

3. Lunar New Year. We all got dressed up in our "hanbok" and did traditional bows to my parents... and of course ate dumpling soup!

4. Trying new lipstick out.

5. Sophia and Mike enjoying more Thai food that I keep craving.

6. Panda bear has been her bed buddy lately. I walked into the room during her nap last week to find this bear buddy on her back and her passed out like this.

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