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Friday, February 10, 2012

happy post!

This has been a very happy week. On Monday we had a very positive doctors visit (which always calms my nerves, until the next visit). This week has been filled with unexpected surprises, phone calls, day trips and needless to say a lot of love.
31.5 weeks! This bowling bowl belly is getting quite heavy lately...but it is making me so happy. I can tell baby girl is getting more cramped in there due to her movements, but she sure loves to wiggle around a lot (which then gives me a ton of braxton hick contractions).
Meet Sophia, the serenader. Lately her favorite thing to do is to ask Mike and I to dance. She will grab her guitar (aka 'the hairbrush') and strum away singing some romantic (i mean toddler tune)song. She will then proceed to ask her dad to get on his knees for her mama. We'll dance together for a few minutes and for the finale...we ask her to join in with us (which she loves). Needless to say, this simple joyous moment have been making her father late to work due to having to dance with mom for one more song before he leaves.
Spending the day ignoring household chores to going shopping, eating frozen yogurt, riding trolleys and the carousel with my favorite 2 year old.

Of course...the best for last.. Sophia's ballet classes. Its become a weekly favorite around here. This was her 4th class and she is starting to get really good. I am such a proud mama! I mean is there anything more cuter than a bunch of 2 year old's prancing around in tutu's?

Have a great weekend!

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