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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

more than just "love"

When I read this I thought of my husband, my Valentine. Six years ago when we met, we were just two souls in love with God and then through our love for God...we fell in love with each other. We made a eternal promise to God (through holy matrimony) and decided that we will be lovers forever. And this LOVE has impacted our every decision, thought, feeling and moment of our day, everyday.

Happy Valentines day to my sweet husband who is always so faithful and loving to me everyday. You do every act with great love and no complaints...even when I'm bossy (sometimes..ok, a lot). You know how to crack a smile in me and make me laugh so hard...but then again sometimes you take jokes a little too far (and i get offended). : ) You are the greatest father to our little girls and I love being your wife everyday. I love you!

Aaannnd a random story that was brought up during breakfast today.. my husband and i were reminiscing and laughing about how i told him on our 1st Valentine's day together (6 years ago) "this is the worst Valentine's day ever!" We got into some argument (i have no idea about what) and i told him to drop me off at home. lol... needless to say.. a few minutes later he came back, got on his knees to apologize. what a good man!

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