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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Anthropologie {Shop with the kiddos!}

What a dream come true for mothers this year! I'm totally going and its great because Sophia loves to dig! Any other mama's down to join me?

I remember going into Anthropologie last year on Mother's day and seeing a lot of happy mom's walk in and shop ALONE. They were all wearing their "I LOVE MOM" engraved charms either around their wrist or neck (which they got earlier that morning as a gift) and happy to be spending the afternoon quietly shopping (while I'm sure dad's took baby duty for the day). We would walk pass each other, smile and continue to gawk away at everything in the store.

PS: Next time you are in the store, sign up for the Anthro card. Its a membership card that keeps track of your receipts and you get special treats from them on your birthday month. : )

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